If you’re visiting Nashville, Tennessee, there are a few iconic foods you must try. While barbecue is one of the state’s most popular dishes, the region is also home to a plethora of other delicious dishes. Biscuits, for example, are a staple of the Southern diet. While you may be familiar with sweet potato fries and chicken, you can try a variety of different flavors and combinations.

A staple of southern cooking, grits are found in Tennessee’s food. Grits are the state’s official fruit, and the people of this state enjoy eating catfish. Grits are another iconic dish, and they’re served at The Loveless Cafe in Nashville, which has been open for over 50 years. The stone-ground grits topped with cheese are a delicious accompaniment to a fried chicken tender sandwich or a country ham platter.

Another popular food in Tennessee is catfish, which is a local favorite and is also the state’s official fruit. In addition, there’s a banana pudding festival every summer, and the bourbon and whiskey are both world-famous. Iconic Tennessee Foods You Need to Know! When You Visit: While the food in the state is famous, be sure to try it while you’re there.

If you’re a big fan of Southern cuisine, Tennessee’s most iconic food is catfish. The people of Tennessee love fishing, so catfish has a special place in their hearts. Other iconic foods include dry ribs, which are made from pig ribs and marinated in dry spices before grilling. You can also find fried pickles in the state. And while you’re there, be sure to sample their famous fried goods.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy Southern food, don’t skip the classic fruit tea. In Nashville, fruit tea is a staple drink. There are a number of notable spots serving it, including Bread & Company and Calypso. If you’re looking for dessert, try banana pudding. You can even taste the state’s famous hot chicken. A side of fried pickles will round out the meal perfectly.

Some of the most iconic foods in Tennessee include banana pudding, fried chicken, and barbecued meats. You’ll also want to try the grilled meats. If you’re into fried foods, be sure to check out the Nashville-based National Banana Pudding Festival. There are many other foodie favorites in the state of Tennessee. You’ll want to sample them all.

Catfish is another classic food in Tennessee. It’s best served fried, but it’s available in a variety of other forms. You can try it with hushpuppies or fries or even with shrimp. In Nashville, you can find restaurants that specialize in catfish, including Uncle Bud’s Catfish, which is a family-friendly restaurant. The city is also home to other iconic foods, such as ice cream.